Download OG Instagram (OGInsta+) 10.14.0

OG Instagram 10.14.0 Latest Mod apk free download for Android

OGInstagram (OGInsta+) is an great app that provides users with access to their Instagram account. It allows users to post pictures, follow other accounts on Instagram, and carry out everything you can do with the original Instagram application. In addition to being able to do everything Instagram does, OGInstagram allows you to download videos and pictures from Instagram. You can get Latest OGinsta Plus from our OG Instagram  download page.

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The idea behind the development of Instagram is to enable users share their fun moments in a very easy and straight forward way, allowing you to share your everyday videos and pictures with your friends and family.

The Instagram app allows you to view the world from another perspective, as it allows you to follow not just your close friends and family but a whole lot of other people like celebrities, sportsmen and women, inspirational figures, photographers and fashionistas. Each time you view your Instagram app you tend to see new pictures from your friends and family in addition to other amazing pictures captured by people from different locations worldwide.

The whole OGInstagram user interface is a lot similar to the original Instagram app in all ramifications except for the fact they have different names on the header of the application. While the original Instagram app reads ‘Instagram’, OG Instagram reads ‘OGInstagram’. Asides that the app is similar in every other way.

The main different in terms of functionality on OG Instagram is that it gives you the option to download the image or video when you click on the share button. This download usually happens behind the scenes and the file is stored in the download folder on your device.

Download OGInsta+ 10.14.0 Latest Version

Features of OGInsta+ mod version:

  • Allows you to install and link with other accounts at the same time
  • Download pictures and videos from Instagram
  • Share pictures and videos on Instagram
  • Use dual accoounts on the same device.
  • Allows you to know users who follow your page.
  • View the profile picture of users by using a long press on the image.
  • Allows you to share URLS directly to other applications like WhatsApp.

New features on OG Instragam Latest Version

OG Insta is introducing a feature that would allow users follow hashtags, thereby giving users an avenue to discover new pictures, video and users on Instagram in addition to keeping up with the latest trending topics.

In follow a Hashtag, all you need to do is open the hashtag pages you like and hit the follow button to begin following the page. Once that is done, top pictures and videos form the hashtag would begin to appear on your news feed while some of the most recent stories would appear on the stories bar.

How to Install & Use OGinsta+

Once download of OGInsta + apk has been completed. Allow apps from Unknown sources to be installed on your device, this can be done from the security settings on your android device. Once it has been done, you can now install OGInsta + on your device. As soon as the installation is complete, you can launch the application and log in to your Instagram account.

OGinstagram Step By step Usage Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial you can find out step by step tutorial for download OGInsta and usage tips and tricks.